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    What is ASP.NET?

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    As a manager or business owner, you want the best infrastructure you can possibly have that will give you a tangible return on investment (ROI) and align with your business goals and strategy. That's where a .NET development company comes in. What is .NET? The .NET Framework is a powerful programmer library designed by Microsoft that helps in .NET web application development. Think of it as a giant toolbox full of reusable widgets that a programmer can use as building blocks to construct an application.

    What is ASP.NET?   

    ASP.NET is an web application development platform from Microsoft. With ASP.NET, you can build various web applications, web sites, and web services using very little coding. Each ASP.NET page on a website consists of a minimum of 2 parts: 1) A visual component that describes what is seen on the screen, such as fonts, colors, images, buttons, drop-downs, grids, layout, etc. and 2) A logic component that describes how the page is supposed to work. So for instance, the logic to retrieve data from a database goes here so that it can be displayed by the visual component. Think of each ASP.NET development page as a single computer program that is designed to construct an HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) page and send it down to your browser. Your browser will interpret that and then display the page on your screen.

    Accessing ASP.NET

    When a user accesses an ASP.NET website, it's just like accessing any other website. The difference is that the website is more interactive, more dynamic, and more engaging than websites that are simply built using HTML. We sometimes refer to these non-dynamic websites as "brochure sites" because like a brochure, you can only read them. In today's dynamic social media driven world, customer engagement is more important that ever.

    Other Benefits of ASP.NET

    • It does not require any installation on the client computer.

    • Allows leveraging of powerful management and monitoring tools provided by Windows Server.

    • Recovery, caching and scalability capabilities are built into the underlying technology.

    • Several powerful data access technologies are provided which allow integration with almost any back end data store. There is a very high degree of integration with SQL Server making data access a snap.

    • Highest productivity tool sets including Visual Studio, Team Explorer, Expression Blend, Profiling, Debugging and Testing tools.

    • Language independence -- developers with Visual Basic or C style language backgrounds can be equally productive quickly.

    • ASP.Net has built-in industrial strength security.

    • Allows applications to be integrated with Windows Active Directory.

    • Can be used to develop cloud applications with Windows Azure.

    Because ASP.NET web development is so powerful and already complied, it provides a faster runtime. It is event driven, and encourages programmers to write event driven code. It handles errors well, and enables the programmers to catch run-time errors in development rather than have a customer discover them. The user interface and the application logic remain separate, thus keeping the overall design modular and easy to modify and debug. 

    ASP.NET is one of the best tools on the market for doing .NET web development. When combined with SQL Server on the back end you have a powerhouse combination that will allow you to build anything your mind can envision. The sky's the limit!

    For over years, Keene Systems has provided custom software solutions to our clients. Since 2002 we provided ASP.NET programming services to solve complex business problems while increasing margins and lowering cost. Let's brainstorm your project today!

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