Database Design

Custom SQL Server database design to make your business operations run efficiently

Database Design for Your Business

SQL Server Database Design

Developing databases that are able to meet the growing demands from web applications requires careful planning and a clear understanding of your business requirements. Our SQL Server database architects see your business processes for what they are and construct a database design that facilitates the movement of data through the system.

Utilizing Normalization To Make Your Business More Efficient

At Keene Systems, we have senior database architects on staff who understand the pitfalls of poor database design. We use the process of normalization in order to eliminate data duplication. This process allows for flexibility in reporting.

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Good Database Design Requires Consistency

Our database architects use SQL Server’s built in constraints to enforce referential integrity. We make sure that there is the enforcement of the classic parent-child relationship within the data.

SQL Server allows us to define cascading referential integrity constraints where one action causes a cascading effect of several other automatic actions.

Building Databases For Company Growth

We want to partner with you in order to develop a custom SQL Server database exactly for your business. We have been developing database solutions for businesses like yours since 1987. It’s not enough to simply have a well-built database. At Keene Systems, we design for future growth and maintenance.

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