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    Staff Augmentation

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    Staff Augmentation

    Feeling a little overwhelmed?

    As an outsourcing strategy, staff augmentation enables businesses to bring in the personnel or staff needed for a project to achieve specific business goals. Staff augmentation involves determining and evaluating the existing staff and finding out what additional skills are needed.

    Why do companies choose staff augmentation?

    Staff augmentation is chosen by companies primarily when they need human capital with a specific set of skills or to work on a short-term project or in a location that is hard to find suitable talent.

    Staff augmentation enables you to leverage existing resources to maximum potential while also using outsourced services. Keene Systems offers staff augmentation to all of our clients as an on-demand services.

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    By using staff augmentation, companies benefit in the following ways:

    • Companies retain greater control over their staff members and daily operations.
    • Unlike other operations such as long-term employment, staff augmentation is less risky.
    • The contract requirements for staff augmentation are much less restrictive.
    • You have the ability to add or remove resources whenever you want depending on your demand.
    • Finally, internal resistance that you face in a company tends to be less than when fully outsourcing a project to another company.

    At Keene Systems we have dozens of suitable candidates available to send to your site who can become a virtual member of your team. Our consultants are some of the best in the industry and will help you achieve your project goals. Give us a call today to discuss what’s possible.

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