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    FileMaker Pro Development

    FileMaker Pro is one of the most popular business database systems—used by companies worldwide for the management of digital assets, inventory, purchase orders, and invoicing. A custom-built FileMaker Pro database system will deliver greater flexibility to your organization. You can harness the core functionality of a system you're familiar with that is also integrated with your proprietary software applications.

    Keene Systems offers highly scalable, robust FileMaker Pro database solutions that are custom-built to your specification. We can assist you in improving organizational workflow efficiency and improving your productivity through business process automation. We also take over FileMaker application development and maintenance when companies lose their FileMaker developers.

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    What is FileMaker Pro?

    FileMaker Pro is a low-code cross-platform relational database system for organizations that don't want to dig too deep into programming and developing their own web publishing / online database solutions. But though organizations may not want to develop their databases from scratch, that doesn't mean they don't have custom needs. By customizing FileMaker Pro within the low-code/no-code environment, companies can deploy a truly custom solution quickly.

    What are the benefits of using FileMaker Pro?

    Companies can hit the ground running with their database management and maintenance with FileMaker Pro. As a robust but easy-to-use system, FileMaker Pro empowers organizations to start managing their databases immediately within the low-code, no-code, easily deployable environment.

    A brief history of FileMaker Pro

    Claris FileMaker Pro has been around for an incredibly long time, far before most low-code/no-code, cross-platform, or even database systems. It was first released as a data management system for the Apple Macintosh as far back as 1985. It was updated in 1992 for compatibility with Windows systems and rebranded to FileMaker Pro at that time. In 2007, version 9 was released which introduced true support for databases by way of supporting SQL. In 1998 Apple changed Claris’ name to FileMaker, Inc. but changed it back to Claris International Inc. and announced Claris Connect workflow software.

    Does anyone still use FileMaker Pro?

    FileMaker Pro has evolved significantly from its early file management capabilities in 1985. Many companies still use and even adopt FileMaker Pro today, because it's an easy-to-use and fast-to-deploy system. Many companies have created an entire file architecture and infrastructure around the advantages of FileMaker Pro. As FileMaker Pro can be integrated directly into an organization's proprietary systems and third-party applications ,there are some that use FileMaker Pro as a cornerstone of their database and document management.

    What does a FileMaker developer do?

    A FileMaker Pro developer is an expert in the FileMaker system, able to no-code/low-code systems and directly code APIs. A FileMaker developer may create custom systems, integrate FileMaker into other systems, or maintain existing systems and improve it. FileMaker developers are very familiar with the FileMaker markup language and FileMaker infrastructure.

    FileMaker Pro Services

    cytonn-photography-n95VMLxqM2I-unsplash-1We are a complete FileMaker consultant and FileMaker development firm.

    By far one of the most popular business relational database systems, FileMaker Pro, is used by companies worldwide for managing their digital assets, inventory management, sending purchase orders, and invoicing. Custom-built FileMaker Pro database systems enable companies to have greater flexibility since they are able to harness the core functionality of a system they are very familiar with which is integrated with their proprietary applications.

    We offer highly scalable, robust FileMaker Pro database solutions that are custom-built to your specification. We can assist you in managing your workflow and increasing your productivity.

    Our custom FileMaker software development services include:

    • New FileMaker development
    • Database design and database administration
    • FileMaker Solutions with PHP, MySQL
    • Software Development of bespoke FileMaker Pro solutions
    • Upgrading existing FileMaker systems
    • CRM Systems Based on FileMaker
    • Integration of FileMaker with MYOB
    • Use of plugins:
      1. Dacons - Mailit, MenuControl
      2. 360 works - xmChart, ScriptMaster, SuperContainer, web service manager
      3. Beezwax - web service plugin
      4. CNS – Menu
      5. Troi - File, Dialog
      6. 24U - Simple Dialog

    Some essential FileMaker features:

    • Custom mobile app development with a built-in scripting language
    • Reporting and Charting
    • FileMaker WebDirect is available in FileMaker Cloud to build cloud-based web applications. and FileMaker Server is an advanced web technology that instantly runs FileMaker applications directly in a browser without doing any reprogramming.
    • FileMaker Cloud for AWS runs on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform
    • Graphic design based on themed layouts
    • Windows/Linux/Mac Support
    • 3rd party tools allow Microsoft Azure and FileMaker Pro integration which can connect to any service
    • Web Extensions using FileMaker Data API and Web Direct
    • Providing security through FileMaker’s built-in accounts and privilege management
    • FileMaker Go for iOS Support allows apps that run on an iPhone or iPad
    • Numerous 3rd party add-ons to create rich data applications
    • FileMaker has macros to enhance the productivity of the developer
    • Security via SSL encryption and database encryption and privilege sets
    • Included support for Barcode scanning and signature capture
    • Legacy application integration via oData and cURL
    • OAuth 2.0 Authorization
    • ODBC-JDBC support for legacy database support
    • HTML, JSON / JavaScript capabilities
    • Integrate data from Excel and PDF documents
    • Infrastructure management such as automated backups
    • Ability to convert FileMaker applications to native iOS apps via the iOS App SDK.
    • Add-Ons built into FileMaker
    • Ability to send email messages via SMTP server
    • ability to read NCF tags
    • Ability to leverage XML
    • Payment Gateways can integrate with FileMaker

    With over years experience, and more than 30+ software developers, Keene Systems has the expertise and software development team you need. Over the years we have developed numerous database applications in FileMaker Pro. Our business software development team includes certified FileMaker Pro programmers. We first take the time to understand your business process, then we can custom-build your application and migrate your existing content from previous versions to a new, advanced solution that better meets your needs.

    Our FileMaker Pro development solutions include custom-building FileMaker databases, upgrading existing systems, integrating FileMaker Pro with your current infrastructure, and providing maintenance and support when you lose your FileMaker developer. We are also versed in PHP and MySQL, the use of CRM systems as well as numerous 3rd party FileMaker add-ons to enhance your application and productivity. We have business analysts, FileMaker developers, database architects, project managers, UI/UX designers, and software testers on staff to handle all of your software development needs. Modernize your legacy database system with a web-based FileMaker app.

    Contact us to find out more about how we can use FileMaker Pro to improve your business operations with custom apps designed specifically for your business instead of the masses.

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