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    As the CIO or decision maker in your organization regarding the use of technology, you have probably inherited existing software systems. As you introduce new technology into your company, you will find that integration with certain legacy applications requires considerable skill and planning.

    Some considerations include:

    • Is it better to replace the legacy application or extend its life?
    • Will keeping the legacy system operational be more or less cost-effective in the long term?
    • How much effort is needed to migrate legacy platforms?
    • How much effort is needed to re-engineer legacy applications?

    The true cost of legacy applications may be difficult to ascertain quickly but often keeping these systems alive can cost more than migrating them. When you leave a legacy system as it is without making any change, you will incur both direct and indirect costs. Direct costs include tangible expenses incurred by running and maintaining these systems. Indirect costs may not be realized or fully understood right away.

    These may include things such as loss in users or visitors that lead to a loss in opportunity, revenue and related problems.

    Modernizing the legacy system is essential to creating flexibility and thus having options again. Flexibility translates into easier maintenance since adaptability leads to more choices in management. The longer a legacy systems persists the smaller the knowledge pool becomes to maintain it, as the experienced developers move on to newer, glitzier technologies.

    Repurpose and Rejuvenate

    At Keene Systems, we can work with you to decide if a repurpose and rejuvenate strategy would be the best solution that takes into consideration the demands of modern life and changing technology while meeting the requirement of the people using your systems within your company. A repurpose and rejuvenate strategy might include:

    • Replacing a previous character-based interfaces with an attractive GUI
    • Offering secure, browser-based access over the Internet
    • Creating interactive bridges to wireless handheld devices

    This strategy could significantly extend the life of a legacy system. Keene Systems has the knowledge and experience to make old systems breathe new life with new technology.

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    CASE STUDY: NStar Electric and Gas

    NSTAR (www.nStar.com) is an energy delivery company with revenues of $3.3 billion. Keene Systems collaborated with Clearview Software and NSTAR to provide a custom .NET solution that extended the life of a legacy application. We developed code to access a legacy inventory system written in VB6 and displayed that legacy data on hand-held devices in NSTAR’s maintenance trucks. The remote users could interact with the legacy VB6 application via a new mobile interface.


    At some point in the life of a software system it becomes so far behind the technology curve that it must be retired. When that happens Keene Systems can analyze all of your existing screens and architect a new system that will allow you to move forward with modern technology. We offer a full range of software development and architecture design services.

    If you would like to find out more, please give us a call to discuss how we can extend the life of your existing application or reengineer it.

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