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    ASP.NET Development

    The benefits of ASP.NET

    In the world of software design and development there is no tool as powerful or flexible as Microsoft’s ASP.NET. When combined with SQL Server on the back end you have an unbeatable combination that's scalable, secure and rock solid! In the hands of the right developer, the ASP.NET platform can produce a dynamic, adaptive web application that meets all of your needs. If you are looking to build an industrial strength web application ASP.NET is what you need. And our expert ASP.NET developers can bring your vision to life.

    What is ASP.NET Development

    Microsoft ASP.NET is a set of technologies, built on top of the Microsoft .NET Framework, for building Web applications and XML Web services. ASP.NET web pages execute on a web server in IIS (Internet Information Server) and generate markup such as HTML and XML that is sent down to a desktop or mobile browser. This is important because the application does not require any installation on the client computer beyond a web browser. This means your application can be run from anywhere regardless of the hardware.

    ASP.NET pages use a compiled, event-driven programming model that maximizes performance and enables the separation of application logic and user interface. Development platforms like PHP are not compiled which means that simple syntax errors that would otherwise be caught by a compiler will sneak into production systems. Your clients may see these errors before you do! Also PHP does not separate the logic from the user interface of the application thus leading to higher maintenance costs.

    ASP.NET pages and ASP.NET XML Web services contain server-side programming logic (as opposed to client-side logic like JavaScript) written in Microsoft Visual Basic .NET or Microsoft Visual C# .NET. Our team is well versed in both of these languages.

    ASP.NET offers a unified Web development model that includes the services necessary for you to build enterprise-class Web applications. ASP.NET offers a new programming model and infrastructure that allows you to create a powerful new class of applications.

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    Major benefits of using ASP.NET & Visual Studio to develop websites

    ASP.NET comes with a rich toolbox of prebuilt widgets that the programmer can simply drag and drop onto a visual designer then configure. This significantly reduces the amount of code required to build applications.

    • It does not require any installation on the client.
    • Allows leveraging of powerful management and monitoring tools provided by Windows Server.
    • Recovery, caching and scalability capabilities are built into the underlying technology.
    • Several powerful data access technologies are provided which allow integration with almost any backend data store. There is a very high degree of integration with SQL Server making data access a snap.
    • Highest productivity toolsets including Visual Studio, Team Explorer, Expression Blend, Profiling, Debugging and Testing tools.
    • Language independence -- developers with Visual Basic or C style language backgrounds can be equally productive quickly.
    • ASP.Net has built-in industrial strength security.
    • Allows applications to be integrated with Windows Active Directory.
    • Can be used to develop cloud applications with Windows Azure.

    Building Custom ASP.NET Web Applications That Work

    Keene System is an ASP.NET development firm that combines technological prowess with real world business experience to produce web applications that work. Our focus is on designing, developing and supporting programs that achieve results for our clients. We have a talented, creative and experienced team of programmers, designers, and .NET systems architects who share a passion for great programming that solves problems.

    Let’s Develop Something Together

    Keene Systems is the perfect choice among ASP.NET development firms to help you define your application needs and create a practical, affordable solution. Keene Systems has been building ASP.NET applications since ASP.NET first came out in 2002. During all that time, it has been and continues to be, our core business. Give us a call today to find out how we can use Microsoft ASP.NET to build your next generation web application. Put our experience and expertise to work for you by calling 603-726-5058 to discuss your project needs.

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