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    Graphic Design

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    Graphic Design

    Imagery can make all the difference between a visitor clicking through to your website and then leaving or staying and engaging

    When you design your website, it's important to think about the overall experience visitors have when they come to your site. Even though the visitors are not experts at website design they immediately form an opinion of your company, within seconds, based on the quality of your website. This happens at the subconscious level and comes from years of experience browsing the internet. The average web visitor now is much more sophisticated than in the past. You have to adapt to this sophistication or take a back seat to your competitors.

    The design of your site can dramatically alter the effect you have on website visitors and thus affect your business performance. A website in essence, is your online persona. Are you being portrayed in the best light? Are you leveraging it to maximum potential?

    Attracting Prospects Through Effective Content

    Creating content for your website such as graphics, photographs and other imagery as well as text and brand messages requires considerable skill. The content on a website must be easy to grasp quickly with messages that are targeted to your audience with enough content to engage and not too much content that will overwhelm. It's a balancing act of creating marketing copy to attract prospects while at the same time offering them value through reliable information that they're looking for.

    Is the layout and navigation of your web pages easy to understand and intuitive? Is the text large enough to read? What kind of images do you have on your site? Are they custom photographs or stock imagery? What is the color scheme and is it consistent with your printed material?

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    When you choose imagery for your site, it is important to have graphics that reflect your business and reinforce your brand. This can range from your logo and tag line to photographs and imagery of your office, products, services and related content. You will want to use imagery that connects well with what your company does so that your audience can relate to what you are saying in your text. Images that create emotion work the best.

    Branding & Identity

    In a nutshell, for your website to really engage visitors and convert them into viable prospects whether it's through an actual sale, request for a quote, sign up for a newsletter or making contact, you'll need a website that's easy to use and has compelling content. Your web site shouldn't look like it was made by robots and should look like real people exist at your company. You don't want to look like another cookie cutter, “me too”, company. Your corporate identity should be unique, like you. By being true to yourself and your company you automatically differentiate yourself from all the others that are so busy trying to look more like each other.

    Content & Copywriting

    The content on your site must be written in a way that engages your audience in a voice that your visitors can understand quickly and relate to. This “voice” must be consistent and professional throughout your site and reflect your company goals, products, services and culture. Choosing professional web copy writing services can greatly increase your sales because you are able to connect with the right audiences in a style and format appropriate for your business. An effective copywriter will know what content to add and what to remove for the optimal impact of your message. He or she will work closely with your business to ascertain your goals and to develop content that genuinely reflects your business values. Keene Systems offers comprehensive copywriting services. Our copywriters have extensive writing experience and have been published in both online and print publications for a wide range of industries. This experience enables them to communicate professionally and effectively for our clients.

    Full Service

    As a Full Service Graphic Design Shop Keene Systems offers a wide range of services for establishing a solid brand. Those include brand development / corporate identity, logos, website design, special promotion design, packaging design, brochures and direct mail design. To have a look at our process please see Our Graphic Design Process. To find out more about Keene Systems graphic design, copy writing and corporate identity services, please contact us. We can make your vision into reality.

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