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    Over 43% of the world's population is connected to the Internet. Let’s face it, business is driven by the Internet, and the competition is stiff. Maintaining a competitive edge in business today requires that you maintain a web presence.

    Pre-packaged or out-of-the-box software solutions may be less expensive and may meet your immediate business needs, but they are solutions that your business will outgrow in a few months. Technology changes quickly. To keep up with changes in technology and business you need tools that will grow as your business grows. Custom software is designed to meet your unique business needs and challenges.

    ASP.NET Provides a Competitive Edge

    Microsoft ASP.NET is a robust set of software development technologies that allow software developers to create custom web applications, websites, and portals that can change and grow with your business. ASP.NET gives you the competitive edge your business needs.


    ASP.NET, part of the .NET framework, is used by software developers to build dynamic, enterprise-class web applications. ASP.NET allows developers to provide you with scalable, engaging and highly functional web applications or services. Developers can use ASP.NET to provide your web application with functionality that increase its usefulness to your business, such as working with data, validating user input, working with forms and so on.

    ASP.NET is a core technology used in web application development projects that range from the straightforward CMS website to the very complex logistic applications. .NET technology allows software developers to create custom apps for your specific business operations or functions including financial management, logistics, project management, and more. A vast number of industries use ASP.NET web applications – healthcare, human resources, finance and customer relationship management. 

    Increased Productivity, Maximize Profitability

    ASP.NET can improve business performance and scalability by seamlessly migrating your existing applications into the .NET framework. Replacing inefficient legacy software applications and services with scalable web applications increases employee productivity and maximizes profitability.

    Minimal coding is needed, so developers can quickly and easily make any changes you require. You, in turn, maintain your competitive edge by ensuring you are promptly serving your clients’ needs.

    Adaptable and Cross-Compatible

    The ASP.NET core framework allows developers to create web applications for cross-platform needs. So, if you need a web application that would run on Windows, Linux or Mac, then ASP.NET is the tool you need.

    ASP.NET provides excellent flexibility to developers as they customize applications to fit your business needs. ASP.NET is compatible with other sources of data, applications, systems and programming languages. Developers can choose from three ASP.NET frameworks - ASP.NET Web Forms, ASP.NET MVC, and ASP.NET Web Pages – and a variety of programming languages - C++, Java, and Visual Basic - to create the best web application for your business needs. 


    ASP.NET custom web applications, websites, and portals give you a user-friendly experience and greater reliability and security. Security is a significant concern for all businesses. ASP.NET uses a server-side language that is not visible in the browser, providing an extra level of security to your business and peace of mind for you.

    Embrace the latest technology and business practices by using ASP.NET web applications and processes as the basis of your custom software - make your business more competitive and market-oriented.

    Advantages of ASP.NET

    • Maintainability
    • Easily deployed
    • More Secure
    • Integrates with existing legacy applications or systems
    • Simple code operation
    • Compatible
    • Quick application development
    • Scalability
    • Development of highly adaptable applications with cross-compatibility
    • Functions well with various front-end systems including AngularJS and Bootstrap

    Possible Uses of ASP.NET

    • CRM solutions
    • Business administrative and reporting solutions
    • ERP solutions
    • HR management applications
    • Medical records management
    • Media delivery applications
    • Complex accounting, billing and financial forecasting
    • Operations Management applications especially where complex workflows are needed

    Making ASP.NET the foundation of your corporate IT infrastructure will give you the competitive advantage you need to grow now and into the future. Speaking of the future, .NET Core is the future of ASP.NET. Read about that here.

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