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    .NET Core Development

    You need to get out of ASP.NET and into .NET Core

    Take Your Company to the Next Level with Custom ASP.NET Core Web Applications

    We can improve your business operations with cutting edge ASP.NET Core web applications.

    .NET Core is the new and exciting cross-platform framework to build applications for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Originally released in 2016, it is an open-source successor to Microsoft’s .NET Framework.

    We use .NET Core to solve today’s modern problems, building cloud-enabled, Internet-connected apps.

    .NET Core is mobile-friendly, scalable, and high performance. Designed to build applications that target all kinds of devices, you build once and run it everywhere.

    You Want Solutions, Not Software

    Only software developers want code. You want a way to solve a problem or move your operations to the next level.

    We use .NET Core to empower your employees with custom web applications that improve your profitability. We write custom applications that exactly match your business process instead of one size fits all.

    The first stage in our software development process is to understand how your company operates and what it needs to run efficiently. Understanding your company includes getting a detailed analysis of the specific problems, opportunities, and tools currently in your environment. Only then do we use our .NET Core Development expertise to craft an application that can elevate your organization's success.

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    Working Within the ASP.NET CORE Environment

    The ASP.Net Core platform is an incredibly flexible tool for application development. It is high performing and can work in Windows, macOS, or Linux. Applications using this platform can run on the web, on desktops, laptops, tablets, and phones. This platform is even more powerful than the previous ASP.NET Framework. The .NET Framework has become somewhat deprecated, due to the fact that Microsoft has focused all its efforts on developing and improving .NET Core. Eventually, Microsoft will abandon all support for ASP.NET. You can rest assured that our developers will effectively use this new scaffold to build the tools you need without fear of Microsoft discontinuing the technology for years to come.

    Flexibility and Options That Come with Expertise

    The flexibility of the ASP.NET Core platform means that our expert developers can create truly unique, cross-platform solutions. We can begin with your needs and find opportunities to give you an advantage over your competition. DOTNET Core can be used to bring your organization into the age of connectivity and the Internet of Things. We can create cloud-based solutions to connect remote workers to the home office. We can create information feedback applications that allow your staff to make smarter decisions. We can help you to build a process from scratch, or better integrate your existing systems. This is the power of understanding how to make a platform work for you.

    Our Goal Is Your Success

    Some companies use customer service as a way to get you to purchase. At Keene Systems, we define our customer interactions as joint partnerships working toward common goals. We know that the best possible advertisement for our development services is your organization's success. Don't hold your expectations back another day. Contact us using the form on the right to schedule a free consultation today!

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