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    Software Design

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    Software Design

    Eager to build a custom software application? Start with a good design.

    Developing your own custom software application can make all the difference in your business productivity, customer engagement and profitability. There comes a time in every business’ evolution when off-the-shelf software just isn’t good enough anymore and a custom software solution is needed.

    Why is software design so important?

    In simple terms, software application design is the method of planning and creating a software solution to address specific business needs. This can range from database and enterprise solutions for the web to rich client desktop applications built for multiple users accessed from local intranets. The complexity of software today requires a greater level of planning then in years past.

    All great software starts with great design. At first a large project seems enormous and overwhelming. Where do you even start? The key to getting the job done is to divide and conquer. The seemingly enormous project must first be segmented into logical pieces from a high level.

    Then each piece gets defined, refined and further broken down until in the end we have a specification that completely describes all the moving pieces of the system you intend to build. We have the skills to architect and fully document a quality software solution for you.

    Some, who are not experienced with the software development lifecycle, will skip this step or won’t give it the attention it deserves. What do you think would happen if a builder were to start constructing a 5 story hotel without a blueprint? That’s right; it would be a complete disaster! By the time you get to the 5th floor you will discover things that you should have done way back on the first floor but didn't because there was no plan. Proper planning and architecture is just as important for software development as it is for the building industry. The cost of solving software architectural problems is lowest when they are addressed during the design phase of a project vs. fixing them during development or deployment.

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    Start down the road of good design

    At Keene Systems, our seasoned and versatile team can custom architect your software application to meet your needs so that you can enjoy a robust, highly scalable and flexible solution that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

    The entire process starts with sitting down with one of our seasoned business analysts to fully capture your process, propose solutions and document your needs. Please read our page on “Business Analysis” to get a better understand of this process. The Business Analyst will then work closely with one of our Systems Architects to define “How” each of the needs will be met in the software solution. Our design team has a rich repertoire of design skills to develop the architecture needed for large scale software systems.

    Our Design Services

    We bring over years of solid experience working with businesses of all sizes, spanning a wide spectrum of industries. Some of the industries we have experience with include consumer products, financial services, education, healthcare and much more. Our software architects are some of the best in the business and this enables us to build robust, highly scalable and flexible solutions, which are easy to maintain, secure and free of errors.

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