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    ASP.NET Core

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    ASP.NET Core

    Take Your Company to the Next Level with Custom ASP.NET Core Web Applications

    We can transform your business operations giving you an edge over your competition. We have the ASP.NET Core Developers you need.

    We empower your employees with custom web applications that precisely match your unique business process. With the click of a button, employees can have the information they need to do their jobs efficiently. Better efficiency means better profitability!

    Keene Systems develops custom software systems for businesses like yours, to solve operational bottlenecks, data management problems, and process management challenges, so you can focus on growing your business.

    You Want Solutions, Not Software

    We write custom web applications to solve these and many other common problems:

    • Customer Data Management
    • Billing Information
    • Time Tracking / Scheduling
    • Inventory Management
    • Compliance
    • Reporting
    • Operations Management
    • Complex Process Workflows
    • Document Control
    • Integration with Legacy Systems
    .NET Core

    What is your IT pain point?

    • Do you have a manual paper process or are you managing data in spreadsheets?

    • Do you have an ancient legacy application that needs to be replaced?

    • Do you have an existing web application that needs to be maintained (i.e. lost your programmer)?

    We can help.

    Why Keene Systems?

    Keene Systems is a 32-year-old boutique software consulting firm in New Hampshire with a staff of 30+ developers. We employ a wide range of technologies & serve many industries. We can make your company more efficient by writing custom web applications that exactly match how your company does business vs. one-size-fits-all, off-the-shelf software.

    100% Veteran owned, we have written custom software to manage all aspects of our clients’ businesses saving them millions of dollars. Our clients range from start-ups to industry giants such as IBM, Dana Farber, National Geographic, Dartmouth-Hitchcock Healthcare, Calvin Klein, Hershey, Pfizer, Monsanto, Texas Instruments, Ocean Spray,  CVS, Mack Trucks and many more.

    I want to personally hear about your IT issue

    I'm Lance Keene, CEO of Keene Systems, Inc. I'd like to personally talk with you about the IT problem you are trying to solve. I've been in the IT industry for more than 40 years and I'm certain that our team of .NET Developer experts can solve your problem. Let's chat today. Just fill out our contact form and I'll give you a ring. Or pick a time to chat from my online calendar found here: https://go.oncehub.com/LanceKeene


    Lance Keene | CEO
    Keene Systems, Inc.

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