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Mobile App Development

Keene Systems offers robust, secure, and rapid development of highly scalable mobile applications across a variety of mobile platforms. With so many smartphones hitting the market today, it's imperative that companies leverage the opportunities present in reaching audiences via mobile applications. Yet at the same time, mobile application development can be quite challenging because of the variety of mobile platforms and different technologies in use.

Both enterprise and medium-sized organizations turn to Keene Systems as a development partner for mobile application development, in order to offer customized solutions that are robust and scalable. Apps must be consistent in performance and compatible with existing platforms.

Challenges Posed by Mobile Application Development

Some of the challenges posed by mobile app development today include limited screen resolution, negative effect on device performance due to CPU and memory limitations, increased cost and compatibility issues across different devices. Often one must use different toolsets to develop for different platforms thus leading to duplication of development effort for each platform supported.

Keene Systems' Solutions

Keene Systems carefully designs smartphone user interfaces for flexibility and ease of use that can be adapted to different devices for different screen resolutions.

Keene Systems has extensive knowledge with different mobile platforms using industry standard best practices. Keene Systems develops mobile applications as websites designed to be viewed in a mobile browser as well as native mobile applications designed to run on specific hardware platforms such as Android or iOS. We also develop custom corporate software solutions to integrate existing business systems with mobile devices in the field. Our software solutions for enterprises enable rapid, secure, remote access to your mission critical data.

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