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Web-Based Reporting

There are several web-based reporting tools in use today that enable you to customize your reporting and data visualization.

We specialize in Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services, Crystal Reports, Active Reports, Telerik Reporting and Dundas Dashboard.

Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services

SQL Server Reporting Services offers a complete suite of tools and services that you can use right away to create reports for your company as well as to deploy, manage, customize and extend functionality. This server-based reporting platform offers comprehensive reporting functionality from a variety of data sources. SQL Reporting Services is part of Microsoft SQL Server.

Crystal Reports

A crystal report is an application used for business intelligence in order to create and generate reports from a range of data sources. This product has been around for almost two decades and saw significant enhancements after it was purchased by SAP.

Active Reports

An active report is a common .NET reporting tool in use by ASP.NET and WinForm developers. This tool offers easy export to common file formats such as PDF, Excel, TIFF and RTF.

Telerik Reporting

This tool allows you to create powerful ad-hoc reporting solutions for all .NET cloud, web, and desktop platforms (Azure, WPF, ASP.NET and Windows Forms) which targets developers and end-users alike.

Dundas Dashboard

Dundas Dashboard is a web-based platform that enables users to create their own interactive dashboards and reports and share them online. It has a wide selection of data visualizations such as interactive charts, gauges, maps as well as support for mobile devices.

Keene Systems Value

At Keene Systems, we have a goal of delivering a high degree of value to our clients. A “buy” vs. “build” mentality allows us to achieve that goal by utilizing exceptional tools from other companies. Give us a call today to discuss your reporting and visualization needs. You may be pleasantly surprised to learn what is possible!

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