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    PHP/MySQL Development

    The PHP web scripting language, when combined with a MySQL database, becomes a powerful yet inexpensive development platform for database driven website development.

    There are several benefits to using PHP and MySQL for developing web applications.

    These benefits include:

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    Both PHP and MySQL come with free licenses. You do not have to pay any fees for their usage. PHP does not have expensive hardware requirements either and can run well on inexpensive hardware just as well as a high end server.

    Ease of Use

    PHP is easy to use and offers tremendous functionality. MySQL is also relatively easy to use compared to more industrial strength databases such as SQL Server.


    Originally created in 1994, PHP is a very stable platform. MySQL first arrived on the scene in 1995 and is equally as stable. Both PHP and MySQL are simple implement and work quite well together.


    PHP code can be easily created with standard editors. PHP helps divide labor between designers and coders. It does not require as much intensive labor and is easier to deploy than many other platforms.

    Dynamic Pages

    Unlike static, never changing web pages that you would find on a brochure-like website, PHP generates dynamic web pages for an interactive user experience. This allows the users to interact with a database such as MySQL on the back end, giving the user a rich interactive experience.


    MySQL does not take up significant space or resources compared to other databases on the market. It's small footprint and low cost ($0) makes it a favorite for many companies.

    Using PHP with MySQL can be a cost effective way to get your business concept up and running quickly. Keene Systems can develop new applications from scratch, maintain old systems or integrate with existing enterprise systems. Give us a call today to find out how Keene Systems can assist you in all of your PHP/MySQL development needs.

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