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We combine our love of problem-solving with our experience in building custom tailored software solutions in .NET Developer Framework, ASP.NET and other web technologies that are easily scalable and highly flexible to meet the changing needs of business over time. Our approach to software development is both entrepreneurial and technical, wedding the creative and analytical aspects necessary to build functional websites and applications that look great and are easy to use.
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 In the world of software solutions, quality makes all the difference. It is what helps you decide on both an intuitive and an analytical level whether a product or service works for you and meets your goals and needs. At Keene Systems, our primary focus is on building high quality software and database solutions that solve our customer’s business problems. We are able to achieve high quality consistently by maintaining and surpassing industry standards.
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Software projects require significant care and communication throughout the entire process in order to be successful. This kind of personalized care requires attention to detail and the establishment of rapport and trust between the software provider and the client. We know how important the client-vendor relationship can be in determining the success or failure of a project.
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Over 28 years of achieving client goals. Keene Systems has been in business long enough to develop strong business processes to ensure high quality product and service delivery. We have deep ties within the software development community that enable us to offer insight into new software and to assist companies in expanding for the future.
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Learn about the patient management system we developed for Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center and other case studies.



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