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    Looking for developers who have experience in fixing problems while being flexible?

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    We combine our love of problem-solving with our experience in building custom tailored software solutions that are easily scalable and highly flexible to meet the changing needs of businesses over time.

    Entrepreneurial and Technical

    Our approach to software development is both entrepreneurial and technical, coupling the creative and analytical aspects necessary to build functional websites and applications that look great and are easy to use.

    Achieving Goals and Creating Profit

    We work within your budget and time parameters to ensure that you reach your goals on time and on budget. Our focus is on building strong, stable functionality to ensure that you meet your business objectives and have a profitable software solution.

    Integrity and Professionalism

    We have been in business for more than 28 years and have a reputation of integrity and professionalism. We have learned a lot from our clients and projects. We bring this seasoned experience into every project. We maintain high professional standards at Keene Systems having strong communication skills and the business acumen necessary to collaborate with your company on multiple levels.

    Client Engagement Process

    At Keene Systems, we collaborate closely with our clients. Keeping an open mind enables us to look at perceived business problems with a problem-solving mindset that quickly translates into action. With the ability to look at situations from multiple perspectives, we communicate frequently with the client in order to ensure quality throughout the software development life cycle. We also share beneficial knowledge and insight gained from our previous projects and experience that can be of assistance in meeting your business goals.

    Key Factors for Project Success

    Project success requires the ability to accurately scope projects; have clear authority and management structures in place; lead and take action as needed; leverage human capital; build effective teams; and transfer knowledge.

    Project Scope

    Understanding clearly and precisely your project requirements is essential to setting the scope of your project. Our team takes the time to fully understand your business goals so that we can develop appropriate software solutions custom tailored for your business need.

    Management and Leadership

    We find it is vital to have a clear structure in place that outlines the roles and responsibilities of everyone involved. This enables decision makers to take charge so they can quickly solve problems. Having a seasoned management team at Keene Systems enables us to effectively manage human capital, retaining a high quality team that has the skill and flexibility to work on any project. Strong management also leads to building effective teams that work well together.

    Knowledge Transfer

    It is essential to be able to transfer knowledge to clients when the project is complete. At Keene Systems, we work closely with our clients so they become well educated in using their new software solutions and have the expertise to maintain them independently.

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