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    Software projects require significant care and communication throughout the project process in order to be successful. This kind of personalized care requires attention to detail and the establishment of rapport and trust between the software provider and the client. We know how important the client-vendor relationship can be in determining the success or failure of a project. At Keene Systems, trust is an integral part of our team culture so that we can offer our clients the best solutions to successfully accomplish their goals.

    A Culture of Trust

    Our extensive experience over the last 25 years managing client projects for diverse organizations and distinct company cultures has taught us the importance of trust. We insist on having an open culture within our company to facilitate the smooth and quick transfer of knowledge and information necessary for our team to perform at its best.

    Studies have shown that companies with well-established trust perform significantly better with greater communication flow and coordination among projects. Team members also feel in greater control of their projects and ownership of their roles within the company culture, leading to enhanced accountability and higher quality in their work.

    Trust brings people together to perform better and to work together well. Trust enables the development of stronger bonds both internally in a company and with its clients, partners and affiliates.

    Within Keene Systems, we have an open culture that facilitates ownership among our employees and staff and encourages active support and collaboration among our team. This has strengthened our company culture for both our teams located locally as well as our off-shore teams.

    Keene Systems has strong ties within its business network through previous experience and positive recommendations. We have also taken on pilot projects with new clients where we have iterated and fully developed proof of concept projects, assisting new clients in growing beyond their current capabilities.

    Achieving this level of open trust also requires investing in our staff, infrastructure and technology.

    Maintaining Trust

    Our open culture of trust internally extends to our clients, enabling us to strengthen our business relationships through frequent communication. We’ve developed a strong reputation for delivering on time with high quality performance. These aspects of our work performance are very important in developing strong bonds of trust with our clients.

    In conjunction with this, we also require all of our staff to abide by and follow our non-disclosure agreements that we have signed with our clients, thus protecting our client’s intellectual property.

    Keene Systems has a refined client engagement model that involves following a well-established development process with a clearly defined project scope and accompanying deliverables. This clarity of vision has immediate results in our execution of these goals for our clients. Our constant, on-point communication with our clients has enabled us to build and maintain trust in all of our projects. In addition, through effective performance from beginning to end in our projects, we are able to develop long-term client partnerships.

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