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By far one of the most popular business database systems, FileMaker Pro, is used by companies worldwide for managing their digital assets, inventory, sending purchase orders and invoicing. Custom-built FileMaker Pro database systems enable companies to have greater flexibility since they are able to harness the core functionality of a system they are very familiar with which is integrated with their proprietary applications.

Keene Systems offers highly scalable, robust FileMaker Pro database solutions that are custom built to your specification. We can assist you in managing your workflow and increasing your productivity. Our FileMaker services include:

• New FileMaker development
• FileMaker Solutions with PHP, MySQL
• Development of bespoke FileMaker Pro solutions
• Upgrading existing FileMaker systems
• CRM Systems
• End user training and support
• Integration of FileMaker with MYOB
• Use of plug-ins:
     Dacons - Mailit, MenuControl
     360 works - xmChart, ScriptMaster, SuperContainer, web service manager
     Beezwax - web service plugin
     CNS – Menu
     Troi - File, Dialog
     24U - Simple Dialog

With more than 20+ developers, Keene Systems has been in business since 1987. Over the years we have developed numerous databases applications employing FileMaker Pro. Our development team includes certified FileMaker Pro specialists. We can custom build your application and migrate your existing content from previous versions to a new, advanced solution that better meets your needs.

Our FileMaker Pro development solutions include custom-building databases, upgrading existing systems, integrating FileMaker Pro with your current infrastructure, addition of PHP and MySQL, the use of CRM systems as well as numerous customizations to enhance your productivity.

Please call us to find out more about how we can use FileMaker Pro to improve your business operations.

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