The Advantages of Mobile Data Entry for Project Management

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    Project management is one of the most important components to a successful enterprise. Supervisors need to be able to check on their employees, the hours spent on each project, project milestones, materials usage, deadlines and budgets. With custom mobile data entry applications, supervisors and employees alike can access their project management platform from anywhere in the world. This includes while on the road, in meetings, with clients or even when working from home.

    Using Mobile Data Entry for Project Management

    Mobile data entry can be easily used to facilitate and enhance existing project management applications, especially those that already operate as a web application. With the use of dashboards that feature a mobile responsive design, administration personnel can easily check in on their employees and the projects that still require completion. A project management web application can be used to allow employees to automatically update their status and let their supervisors know about any roadblocks preventing projects from completion. This is especially useful for companies that do significant amounts of fieldwork or work on client sites.

    Exciting Possibilities for Mobile Responsive Web Applications

    • Enterprise Resource Management

    • Project and Deadline Tracking

    • Customer Relationship Management

    • Customer Service and Help Desk Tracking

    • Up-to-date management reporting on the fly

    • Salesforce Automation
    Custom Web Applications for Project Management

    Custom web applications can be developed with SQL Server and ASP.Net which is an exceptionally good platform doing this type of software development. These project management applications can then be further integrated with other management systems the company uses, such as a customer relationship management platform or an enterprise resource planning platform. Together, these systems can offer unprecedented access to the company's infrastructure. They can give the executive the insight necessary to make effective business decisions.

    Additional Uses for Mobile Data Entry

    Mobile data entry goes beyond simply updating the status of projects. Supervisors can use their customized mobile applications to assign work to employees on the fly or to change production milestones as it becomes necessary. Meanwhile, employees can use these tools to track their hours while they are working on projects or while they are physically on the job site. They can track the materials they used and special notes regarding delivery of services. This can streamline both client billing and payroll at once.

    There are many industries that can benefit from mobile data entry, and the fact that a mobile responsive web application can be tailored to a company's needs makes it even more versatile and worthwhile. Companies that need to track inventory can add on inventory modules and companies that need to offer their employees the ability to create and collect on invoices through their application can do so as well.

    Off-the-shelf web solutions are typically insufficient to meet the specific needs of certain companies. When going the route of custom development you get exactly the features you need to run your company while avoiding feature bloat, which happens when an off-the-shelf web solution takes a one-size-fits all approach to application design.

    Creating a Comprehensive Project Management Platform

    Mobile responsive design ensures that these project management applications can be used on ordinary PCs as well as mobile devices. All employees, whether on their mobile device or on their desktop, will access the same data entry screens and be able to connect to each other with ease. The Mobile responsive  screens automatically reconfigure themselves depending on the screen resolution of the device being used. Project management software can also be combined with help desk ticketing software for a truly comprehensive mobile solution that relates to many industries.

    The opportunities presented by a custom mobile web application are practically limitless. Companies can use this technology to ensure that their contractors are on location by using the location services on their phone, and companies can automatically produce efficiency and productivity metrics simply by using the data stored and entered into the application. For those that desire it, a comprehensive or module-based ERP platform can be developed that is custom tailored to the company's specific needs and industry. The reporting possibilities give management an unprecedented level of control over their organization. Overall, more companies every year are finding significant advantages in moving the management of their operations to custom built mobile web applications tied into their existing back end systems.

    If you have been thinking about creating a web application to improve your organization’s productivity give us a call and let’s kick around some ideas. You may find that what was once impossible with your current infrastructure is now possible with a web application!

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