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    Case Study

    Centris Consulting


    Centris Consulting, Inc. specializes in performance improvement for Maintenance, Operations and Engineering organizations. They provide analysis, project implementation and change management. They implement large scale projects for the US military and Fortune 500 companies in a wide array of industries. An example of such a project would be the construction of a refinery.

    Key Challenges

    Centris wanted to convert its Microsoft Access-based product into an easily customizable product using the latest web technology. The idea was to create a system that was not only robust but also flexible enough to meet customer needs. Also, it needed to be web based so that clients could access it from anywhere.

    Proposition & Solution

    Keene Systems architected and developed CView for Centris.  CView is a project & resource management system that improves project execution, workload management and manpower planning in complex engineering, technical and program management organizations. The system gives managers a clear picture of various tasks as well as utilization of staff and productivity.

     The solution has the following features:

    • Lets managers plan, schedule, allocate, execute, follow up, report and improve
    • Provides pictorial representations of Productivity, Schedule Progress, Utilization of staff
    • Has numerous management level reports which assist in decision making
    • Is easily customizable to meet their client’s need

    Results & Benefits

    • Web Enabled: ability to access it from anywhere through the internet and at any time.
    • Prompt service:  Keene Systems has a combination of onshore and offshore developers resulting in a quick turnaround time for making changes/updates. As a result Centris can request a programming task by the end of their day in the US and often it is completed when they start work the next day.
    • Customizations to supports: Centris believes in providing a customized CView to each of their end clients. Often these customizations are required in time for a sales meeting. Keene system executes these customizations quickly which in turn earns Centris points with their client during the sales process.
    • Centris can now provide their clients with Improved Execution, Increased Productivity, Higher Reliability, Consistent Quality, More Accurate Staffing Capabilities, Improved Estimating Accuracy, Reduced Labor Costs, Enhanced Collaboration and Accurate & Timely Metrics.


    The solution was developed using .Net Framework 3.5 (ASP.NET) and SQL Server 2005. ASP.NET Ajax technology was used for better user experience. Dundas Charting Software was used to display various graphical visualizations. SQL Reporting Services was used for management report generation.

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