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    Case Study

    Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center

    Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center

    The Bariatric Surgery Program at Dartmouth Hitchcock, Manchester, NH caters to morbidly obese patients with serious weight-related conditions such as; sleep apnea, heart problems, and diabetes. They offer monthly informational meetings, weight loss support, surgical consultation and surgery to patients.

    Key Challenges

    Dartmouth Hitchcock needed to track information on their bariatric patients; things such as basic biographical info, surgeries, complications, comorbidities, doctors & facilities, consultation dates, patient meeting attendance, patient call logs, Lap Band fill dates and patient weight history. The system needed to be robust, easy to use, secure, comply with HIPPA laws and give them the ability to generate flexible reports.


    Keene Systems developed a web based solution that managed all of their bariatric patient data. Authorized personnel could login and easily search/add/change/delete patient data. Meetings could be scheduled and patient attendance could be tracked. A highly flexible custom reporting system was developed that allowed staff to pick and choose fields and patient filtering criteria without having to know anything about complex data queries. All dropdowns in the system such as providers, institutions and surgery types needed to be maintainable by the staff.

    Results & Benefits

    • Patient information is now at the fingertips of the General Surgery department staff. With the auto complete feature, personnel only need to enter a partial name to find a patient.
    • Dartmouth Hitchcock achieved a new level of efficiency and organization in running their informational meetings for patients.
    • Staff members can now create complex reports for doctors without the need for custom programming or additional effort.


    The solution was developed by our expert ASP.NET Developers using ASP.Net and SQL Server on the back end. DotNetNuke was used as a foundation which provided a framework for development and content management. Thirty nine custom DotNetNuke modules were written in C# to provide the multitude of data entry, maintenance and reporting screens.

    Client Review

    The Bariatric database has proven to be a successful tool for our program. It is very smooth for all staff to navigate patient information, follow patient meeting attendance, as well as track patient weight loss. We will gladly work with Keene Systems, Inc. in the future, as our needs change.

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