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For over 30 years Keene Systems has been achieving client goals when it comes to software development. We have deep ties within the software development community that enable us to offer insight into new software and to assist companies with software projects. We offer expertise in a wide range of software technologies. 


In the world of software design and development there is no tool as powerful or flexible as Microsoft ASP.NET. ASP.NET comes with a rich toolbox of prebuilt widgets that the programmer can simply drag and drop onto a visual designer and then configure. Keene Systems is an ASP.NET development firm that combines technological prowess with real world business experience to produce web applications that work.
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SQL Server

A tsunami of change is transforming the world of data today. Businesses are experiencing an explosion in information from news sources, such as social media and data mining. Microsoft SQL Server is a comprehensive database server and information platform offering a complete set of enterprise ready technologies and tools. Keene Systems offers comprehensive SQL Server design and development services.
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PHP and MY SQL Server

The PHP web scripting language when combined with MySQL database becomes a powerful yet inexpensive development platform for database driven website development. PHP is easy to use and offers tremendous functionality. Using PHP with MySQL can be a cost effective way to get your business concept up and running quickly. Keene Systems can develop new applications from scratch, maintain old systems or integrate with existing enterprise systems.
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DotNetNuke (DNN) is a web-based Content Management System (CMS). It’s primary purpose is to reduce the cost of building and maintaining websites that experience frequent changes in content. DNN is the leading CMS platform for Microsoft ASP.NET. DNN enables Keene Systems the capability to work efficiently and hand to you an application that can be easily and inexpensively maintained.
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Visual Basic (VB), goes all the way back to 1991, when Microsoft wanted to introduce a development environment that made it easy to produce applications for its new operating system “Windows”. VB.Net enables programmers to create programs easily, partly because of the advanced integrated development environment and because of access to the built-in libraries called the .NET Framework. Although VB.NET is an incredibly useful tool, Keene Systems can establish a solid set of requirements and a proven design methodology.
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C# is the most popular language to use with Microsoft’s acclaimed Visual Studios Integrated Development Environment (IDE). C# is a complied language vs. an interpreted language. This means that the IDE can detect bugs while the program is compiling and notifying the programmer so that your end users never see them. Basically, if you can conceive an idea, Keene Systems can build it in C#.
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DNN Skin Design

DNN Skins enable you to customize the style of your website in simple terms, the ‘skin’ is the outer layer of your website. If you have very specific corporate branding or you want to create something completely new, a DotNetNuke skin is the solution. Keene Systems can design a skin from scratch, model a skin after your existing website design or we can concert any existing Photoshop PSD design into a DNN Skin.
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By far one of the most popular open source platforms today, WordPress is a content management system and blogging tool with a built-in template and architecture. Part of the appeal in using WordPress is the easy and attractive content management system that uses can quickly access. WordPress comes preloaded with an extensive plugin architecture and features widgets thus adding more functionality. Keene Systems offers full WordPress design, development and integration.
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WordPress Theme

A WordPress theme controls the look, feel and overall style of a website. WordPress themes are based on PHP and MySQL, they can be added via the dashboard tool or using FTP. The style sheet for WordPress theme provides an attractive user interface. While debugging and validation is an essential part of WordPress theme development to ensure that the theme is free of coding errors. Keene Systems works with clients to develop their custom graphic design and WordPress themes to match their desired branding.
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Web Security

As your company develops software, you must think of security at every phase of the project. Adding security at the end of a project can lead to errors and bugs within the project. Keene Systems specializes in providing clients with security measures every step of the way. This helps to ensure your software project has the security needed to protect your business and your customers.
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Learn about the patient management system we developed for Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center and other case studies.



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