WordPress Theme Design

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WordPress Theme Design

WordPress is one of the world’s most popular content management systems (CMS) in use today. A WordPress theme controls the look & feel and the overall style of a website. Themes can be purchased online or built from scratch by Keene Systems to match your branding (see Keene Systems Graphic Design Services).


WordPress themes are based on PHP and MySQL. They can be added via the Dashboard tool or using FTP. Advanced users can further edit both PHP and HTML code for greater customization. WordPress themes are bundled together in distinct folders that are placed within the ‘themes’ subdirectory inside the wp-content folder on the WordPress server. Inside this directory, there are several PHP template files that exercise control over the design of the header, footer and content areas of the site.


The stylesheet enables a WordPress theme to have an attractive user interface (UI). Additional files can be added for greater customization and to add Javascript elements. The style sheet file ‘style.css’ converts plain XHTML elements into attractive containers for content. It contains the header information needed to recognize the theme by its name, author, homepage, keywords and version.

WordPress Loop

The WordPress loop enables dynamic content to be connected to pages right from the WordPress dashboard all linked by a common category, archive and associated tags. Hence the WordPress loop simplifies development without needing database queries or special code.

Debugging and Validation

Debugging and validation is an essential part of WordPress theme development to ensure that the theme is free of coding errors. All themes must be tested for compatibility with all of the major browsers.

To have a look at our process please see Our Graphic Design Process.

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