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    WordPress Site Devleopment

    By far one of the most popular open source platforms today, WordPress is a free content management system and blogging tool with a built-in template and architecture. In use by more than 60 million websites, accounting for as high as 22% of all new websites since August of 2011, WordPress is in popular demand and its use is surging.

    Part of the appeal in using WordPress is the easy and attractive Content Management System (CMS) that users can quickly access. WordPress is built in a ‘blogging style,’ where each entry is akin to a blog post. Since WordPress is optimized for quick blog posts, the content written via WordPress sites is rapidly disseminated and picked up by search engines as well as through its convenient tagging feature.


    The easy to use architecture of WordPress is friendly to search engines since its permalink structure allows for quick categorization and tagging of blog posts. You also exert control via standardized formatting and styling of text as well as the addition of smart quotes.


    Based on PHP and MySQL, WordPress leverages themes to change both the design and the functionality of the WordPress website. Themes created by professional graphic designers can be added via the Dashboard tool or using FTP. Keene Systems develops WordPress Themes as a service.


    WordPress comes preloaded with an extensive plugin architecture. Developers as well as users with less technical skills can easily add plugins for greater functionality or to alter the look and feel of the site. There are over 18,000 plugins available for WordPress.


    Another feature of WordPress is the addition of widgets on the sidebar for drag and drop features and to extend the abilities of plugins, thus adding more functionality ranging from slideshows to sliders and RSS feeds.

    Mobile Applications and Access

    WordPress’ popularity has led to synchronization with mobile applications. Native applications exist for Web OS, Android iOs, iOs for all iPhones and iPads, Blackberry and Windows Phone 7, enabling easy management right from the WordPress Admin panel.

    Many Users Simultaneously

    WordPress’s current version enables multiple users on its platform simultaneously. This makes it easy for an individual or company to host an entire blogging community right from its own website

    Keene Systems offers full WordPress design, development and integration. Call us to find out more and to get started with your very own WordPress site.

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