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Mentoring can be very helpful in numerous software development projects. With the plethora of technologies available today and the increasing demands placed upon executives and project managers, it can be quite difficult to gain enough knowledge to fully leverage the power and range of available software solutions. Hence having a mentor can be very beneficial.

Also in busy times or when software applications or projects experience delays or features that do not work properly, you will find that having a reliable mentor can make all the difference. Your mentor can work with you immediately to remedy the situation, educate staff on technology changes or improvements and get your business up and running and up to speed.

Ideal Candidates for Mentoring

Choosing the right mentor requires careful thought and planning. Ideally, a mentor would be an experienced developer who works directly with you and your staff. This person is skilled in many software technologies.

Mentors are able to quickly step in to address both UI design and architectural issues. They are able to fix existing problems and get your business applications back on track. Mentors can work with staff one-on-one to address any information or knowledge gaps and train your group to be up to date on new technologies. They can integrate new applications into your existing infrastructure.

Mentors are able to quickly learn and share information. They act decisively and quickly when needed and are flexible, working with you as needed.

Keene Systems provides clients with mentors from our company that can work with your team or individual members both on-site or remotely, quickly addressing current concerns while also preparing your team for the future.

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