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Microsoft first introduced Silverlight as a way to broaden their reach for their developer tools to platforms beyond Windows. At that time other plug in technology, such as Adobe Flash, was seeming like the solution to the cross platform problem and Silverlight was Microsoft’s play in this space.

As time passed, Microsoft has supported a very aggressive roadmap which has led to version 5 of Silverlight being released. Since first released the role for Silverlight has changed and Microsoft has distanced itself from plug in technologies in general. However, at the same time Silverlight has moved outside the box and become a powerful platform for Rich Internet Applications and has become the standard for developing on Microsoft’s Phone platform.

As Windows 8 hit the scene, Microsoft stopped talking about Silverlight, but it remains important and ends up being the best technology for migration to the new Windows 8 Style applications XAML development.

What is Silverlight and how do I use it?

Considered one of the most powerful and useful development tools today for creating interactive user experiences for both web and mobile applications, Silverlight is available as a free plug-in. Harnessing the power of the Microsoft ASP .NET framework, Silverlight is compatible with many devices, browsers and operating systems.

Benefits of using Microsoft Silverlight include:
  • You can create custom business applications that offer a rich, engaging user experience.

  • Silverlight harnesses existing tools and technologies thus enabling developers to use it immediately.

  • Silverlight is already optimized for creating touch-based apps for the Windows Phone marketplace.

  • Most of all, Silverlight is designed to offer high quality interactive video in multiple formats. At Keene Systems, we leverage Silverlight in numerous ways such as:

    - Rich Internet Application Development using Silverlight.
    - Integrating Silverlight into existing applications to enhance interactivity.
    - JavaScript along with Silverlight to develop unique applications.
    - Audio and Video Integration using windows media streaming.
    - Website development along with audio, video and animation.
    - Migrating an ASP.NET Web Application to Silverlight.
    - Windows Phone touch-based app development.

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