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Building an effective Enterprise Architecture (EA) requires considerable planning. In today’s technology environment, outsourcing plays a vital role and can be very successful when there is open, honest and frequent communication between architects and service providers.

Creating a conducive environment for effective enterprise architecture collaboration requires the ability to properly model, manage and maintain the process from beginning to completion. Frequent mistakes arise from conflict pertaining to project management, internal organizational issues and politics.

The first step in the process of enterprise architecture collaboration is modeling. Modeling ensures that stakeholders understand the data flows via the software architecture and perform the necessary analysis of work.

It is vital to create and select a model that is in alignment with your goals. Keene Systems can work with you in setting up the necessary framework and model, setting up process models across functions. Then both data and information systems implement these processes.

Business changes over time and technology is always adapting. Hence your software architecture will succeed over the long term if it is built to be flexible.

One of the main challenges facing the management of enterprise architecture involves addressing changes in evolving business models, mobility, data integrity, and security. For example, software architects in many organizations are separated and not kept apprised of changing business goals or strategy. These gaps in communication result in difficulties in design since the requisite information is missing.

It is essential that the software architects involved in your project have a clear understanding of your business goals and objectives. This will enable you to optimize your business process and align your profit and technical parameters.

Outsourced partners can assist in developing a strong enterprise architecture through effective and frequent communication. They can also save companies significant capital as the companies do not need to invest in developing these skills. Choosing seasoned outsourced enterprise architects enable organizations to rapidly develop and enhance existing infrastructure.

Keene Systems works closely with businesses to develop their enterprise architecture through a variety of flexible options. Call us today to find out more.


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