Most organizations regularly face new technology waves and must figure out quickly and efficiently whether each new wave matters to what they want and need to accomplish.  HTML 5 is currently the latest of these waves because of a confluence of other recent developments, some of which are technology waves unto themselves.  The crux of the problem that HTML 5 is being called upon to remedy is the desire to build a solution to a business problem once and have it work across the range of clients that currently matter in the enterprise.  Just a few short years ago there were not many credible choices for clients and hence this problem was not on the radar.  The explosive popularity of the iPhone and iPad followed shortly by the entrance of android tablets and phones has come hand in hand with a diversification of the browser market has created the problem. 

Now Microsoft is fielding their own alternatives in the form of Windows Phone and Windows 8 Metro style applications.  No organization can afford to build the same solution for each of these clients and there is little will to ban users from bringing their own device (BYOD).  Something has to give in this showdown unless there is a technology that can support both requirements.  Enter HTML 5.  HTML 5 is the only supported interface technology that crosses all of these clients and promises to support the rich media and other functionality that is in high demand.

There are still questions about what is running on the backend since HMTL 5 can be developed with everything from Microsoft Visual Studio to open source editors.  The first question to be answered is whether HTML 5 is part of the required solution.  If you need to make the interface for your application span disparate clients then HTML 5 is likely going to be part of the mix.

At Keene Systems we can help you decide if HTML 5 will help your project and then help decide which tools and technologies to use for the rest of the solution.

Patrick Hynds
V.P. of Technology

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