One of the most popularinter active software platforms today, WPF enables developers to quickly design rich applications to extend the range and depth of compelling user experiences for Windows Users. WPF employs full range graphics and interactive visualization capabilities for easier data sorting and evaluation as well in application forms and spreadsheets.

Benefits of WPF

Unlike the limitations of its predecessor Windows Forms, WPF builds upon a foundation of rich experience thus offering users the ability to immediately access and deploy forms, controls,complex text, images, video, audio, 2D Graphics and 3D Graphics simultaneously.

The preferred platform for creating visually-rich and stunning, interactive experiences on the Windows operating system, WPF has an extensive range for customization ranging from advanced layout to 2D and 3D graphics as well as rich animation and styling.

WPF works well with Microsoft Visual Studio and numerous third-party software controls. WPF has opened the door for visual designers to enter the Microsoft Windows operating system and transform creative and interactive elements.

Keene Systems offers a complete range of WPF development and customization options so that you can build sophisticated rich media and interactive user experiences. Call us to find out more.

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