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DotNetNuke Skin Design

DNN Skins enable you to customize the style of your website. In simple terms, the ‘skin’ is the outer layer of the design of your website. This determines the look and feel of your DotNetNuke site. Thousands of skins are available at the DotNetNuke store. However, if you have very specific corporate branding or you want to create something completely new, you’ll need a custom DotNetNuke skin.

As with all business communications, a great looking website starts with a great graphic design. Please see our graphic design page. Once the design is done we can convert it into a loadable DNN Skin package for you. A skin package is nothing more than a zip file containing all of the necessary files. A new skin can be loaded into a DNN site about 5 minutes.

Special Skin Considerations

There are several considerations in building a DotNetNuke skin that are a bit different than doing a regular website design. Like a regular website, you start with a great design in Photoshop then produce HTML, images and a stylesheet. The stylesheet contains elements to describe your color schemes, spacing, fonts, etc. Where a DNN skin differs from a regular website is in the menu and the definition of the Panes and Containers.


Think of a window that is broken into several separate panes. In DNN the panes represent locations where you can put web content or a DNN module. They define the layout for any given page. The more flexible your pane design, the more flexibility you will have when adding content to your site. Below is an example of 4 different pane layouts. Traditionally this would have been done in 4 different skins but that creates a long term maintenance problem. Keene Systems has a special strategy of combining all of these pane layouts into one skin to eliminate this problem.


You can think of a container as a mini-skin but instead of wrapping around the entire site it just wraps around a content area or module. This allows you to apply specific styling to just a single content area on the screen. Often containers will draw a line around the content. Here are some examples of some containers. Keene Systems will build all of the custom containers you need for your site.


Custom menus are one of the most difficult parts of a DotNetNuke skin. That’s because they are dynamically fed from the content management system as opposed to a static menu system found in a regular website. In DotNetNuke when you add a page to the website, that page needs to automatically appear in the menu. Keene Systems has the expertise to do this. We can also create MegaMenus. MegaMenus are all the rage these days. They are multicolumn menus like the ones found on this website.

Keene Systems Custom Skin Development

We can design a skin from scratch (see our graphic design process), model a skin after your existing website design or we can convert any existing Photoshop PSD design into a DNN Skin. To have a look at our process please see Our Graphic Design Process. We are happy to work with you to create the look and feel you desire for your DotNetNuke site. Please call us today to tell us about your vision for your website.

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